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  • Kent County, DE
  • (302) 697-6848
  • 219 Old Camden Road
  • Camden, DE 19934
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  • New Castle County, DE
  • (302) 476-2541
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Counseling - In the Office

Dr Porterfield helps children and adults of all ages and abilities succeed in his private practice in Delaware. His practice is separate from ADDCollegeBound.

One answer doesn't fit all

When it comes to coping with adult ADHD or raising happy, well-adjusted children, we all need every resource we can find. "One-size-fits-all" answers don't work. Cookie-cutter theories don't work. What works is a combination of many therapy approaches, which develop lifelong skills that can be applied in situations ranging from poor test taking to temper outbursts and performance problems at work. That's where Dr. Porterfield can help.

Dr. Porterfield doesn't believe in "pat answers".

He believes that each child and adult deserves individualized treatment in an environment that makes breakthroughs possible.

Comprehensive diagnostics set the stage. Dr. Porterfield conducts thorough evaluations of people's behavioral, emotional and learning needs. This assessment includes extensive interviews, a thorough history of medications and therapies, as well as a computerized evaluation of attention span, tests of learning/memorization abilities and much more. Once complete, a tailored treatment plan is designed to meet your needs.